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By: Rahul Sheokand

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! – This page is Hell long, Yet Heaven Interesting. ūüėČ


Hello Computerized Civil Engineers,

Welcome to CCivilEngineer РCCE РComputerized Civil Engineer. A community of Civil Engineers making their work fun and easy with the help of modern techniques and tools.  However, It is not limited for Civil Engineers only.

CCivlEngineer stands for following:

  • 90% making work of Civil Engineers easy and fun + 10% extravagant jokes & personal bragging.
  • Creating tools for Civil Engineers and sharing them.
  • Combining vast knowledge of Civil Engineering on a single Domain.
  • Providing every bit of knowledge absolutely free.
  • Making structures safer and economical.
  • Not limited for just Civil Engineers – It is for every learning enthusiasts.
  • Covers General Aptitude, General Sciences, engineering and a lot more stuff.
  • Not just a copy of the content available but everything simplified and crystal in layman language.
  • Interviews and views of people directly from Industry – Construction or Education. (Coming Soon).
  • News relevant to education and Civil Engineers¬†(Coming Soon).
  • The community of Civil Engineers and Education pros for quick problem solving. (Ohh Yeah!!! Even this is in plans).


I had a plan of such blogs from the very beginning of my graduation. So I started with a BlogSpot, then wordpress.com and another BlogSpot. Slowly things changes I developed a hobby of writing what I learn in the way I learn. I believe, I can learn the stuff so easily and can see them from a broad perspective. So, I combined what I learn with this hobby This gave birth to CCivilEngineer in July 2016.

I have spent all my time I can remember, In not only learning things but also visualizing them for better applications and a lot more stuff. As far as I remember, this started in 2003. I was 9 Years old then. 6 research works by graduation, a lot of reputed exams cleared (without preparation), the uncountable number of awards, National, International certificates of olympiads – a lot more I can’t remember.

Here is a look at latest additions to my resume.


Education Qualifications of Rahul Sheokand:

Course Institute Board/University Percentage
B.Tech. (Civil Eng.) GNDEC Ludhiana Autonomous under PTU 74.34%
12th MAGSS Sirsa CBSE 75.00%
10th MAGSS Sirsa CBSE 90.67%

Qualified GATE 2016 with Score 393 and IIT-JEE 2012

Research Work by Rahul Sheokand:

  • Research Work ‚ÄúCost optimization of Foundation‚ÄĚ (on-going work).
  • Research Work ‚ÄúCost Effectiveness Of Concrete Mix Design Based On Various Constituents And Their Combinations‚ÄĚ published in ‚ÄúInternational Journal of Civil Engineering & Technology (IJCIET), Volume 7, Issue 3, May‚ÄďJune 2016, pp. 192‚Äď199; ISSN Print: 0976-6308 and ISSN Online: 0976-6316; Journal Impact Factor (2016): 9.7820 Calculated by GISI (jifactor.com); InfoBase Index IBI Factor for the year 2015‚Äď16 is 4.19; Thomson Reuters’ Researcher ID: B-7378-2016‚ÄĚ Research Paper ‚ÄúEconomy Comparison of Slab‚ÄĚ accepted in IJREAS (Impact Factor 6.5). Click Here for Research Paper.
  • Research Work ‚ÄúComparing Economy of Post-Tensioned and Reinforced Concrete Slab Panel‚ÄĚ accepted for publication in International Journal of Research in Engineering and Applied Sciences (IJREAS) ISSN(o): 2249-3905, ISSN(p): 2349-6525, Impact Factor: 6.573.
  • Research work completed on ‚ÄúAnalysis, Design, and Drafting of Beam‚ÄĚ. (Waiting for response from Journal)
  • Research work completed on ‚ÄúSurveying and Data interpretation for a Hilly Terrain‚ÄĚ. (Waiting for response)

Work Experience of Rahul Sheokand:

  • Managing¬†complete website on civil engineering and various relevant things ccivilengineer.com
    • Managing everything like digital marketing aspects, SEOs, content creation etc.
  • Author at infraiq.com (April 2016 to Present)
    • Writing articles related to civil engineering for the¬†online magazine.
  • Software training in R&D division for Manomav Engineers Pvt. Ltd. (Jan 2016 to April 2016)
    • Worked on ERP for infrastructure and construction industry.
    • Worked for slab designing for RCC and Post Tension Slabs.
  • Industrial training on construction site for Manomav Engineer Pvt. Ltd. (Dec 2015 to Jan 2016)
    • Learned various tactics for Project Management at the construction site.
    • Worked for various aspects of construction on the site like working around drawing etc.
  • Testing and Consultancy Cell, GNDEC Ludhiana (June 2015 to August 2015)
    • Worked for designing parking for a client using software StaadPro V8i and CSI Etabs.
    • Calculated cut-fill data for the project with Total Station, DGPS, and AutoCAD Civil 3D.
    • Worked with AutoCAD parametric, constraint modeling, Macros, and AutoVBA.
    • Used programming skills to modify software to work as per requirements.
  • STAAD Pro V8i from CADD Centre and Bentley Institute (Dec 2014)
    • Worked with StaadPro V8i to create complex models of various structures.
    • Hands-on designing of steel and concrete structures.
    • Designed Reinforced Concrete Framed Structures.
  • Engineering Mechanics (Qualified with distinction), Georgia Institute of Technology (coursera.org)
    • Worked to formulate static equilibrium and evaluate forces and moments in 2D and 3D structures.
  • Surveying Camp, Village Naddi, Macleodganj. Himachal Pardesh (July 2014)
    • Worked with Total Station to create the¬†contour map of Hilly Terrain in AutoCAD Civil 3D.
    • Worked with a lot of classical surveying methods and techniques to manually create contour maps.
  • AutoCAD 2D & 3D from CADD Centre (Aug,2013)
    • Worked with Latest versions of AutoCAD to create and 2D and 3D models.
    • Worked on advanced features of AutoCAD like Macros, AutoCAD VBA, Auto Lisp.
  • Industrial Training, Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana (June 2013)
    • Got the experience of working in Machinery, Foundry, Blacksmiths, Fitting, Electric and Welding Shop.
    • Worked on Lathe Machine, creating molds, making various joints and wooden part, MS Steel products, electric circuits, tungsten welding, spot welding, gas welding etc.

Projects by Rahul Sheokand:

  • Beam Analysis, Design and Drafting Spreadsheet (August 2015)
    • Working with a team on making it easier for anyone to analyze, design and draft a fully designed continuous beam in a transparent and learner friendly way.
    • Use of MS Excel, VBA and AutoCAD VBA is being done to achieve the purpose.
  • Building Design and drafting using STAAD Pro (October 2015)
    • Designed an EWS Housing scheme building as per given drawing using STAAD Pro V8i
    • Various Trails for multiple specifications were carried out to get the economical and safe design.
  • Plate girder Design Spreadsheet using LibreOffice Calc (November 2015)
    • Spreadsheet was created using LibreOffice Calc for design of plate girder with welded I-Section using different conditions
    • The spreadsheet was made compatible with various similar software like MS Excel.
  • Gantry girder Design Spreadsheet using LibreOffice Calc (November 2015)
    • Spreadsheet was created using LibreOffice Calc for design of gantry girder with welded rolled I-Section and a channel using different conditions
    • The spreadsheet was made compatible with various similar software like MS Excel.

. . . . . .and there is a lot more to add, to know anything else right now visit my profile from the links given below. Or prefer the message in the box below.

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So, You next time.

Stay tuned to CCivilEngineer and keep education fun and easy.
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