Adaptable Water Tank Parametric AutoCAD

Creating one thing again and again in AutoCAD can be a headache. Here is a solution to it, illustrated for a water tank. So here is Adaptable Water Tank, which can be modified as required. This was created using Parametric AutoCAD.

Version 1.1 of Adaptable Water Tank using Parametric AutoCAD

These days I am working on a Water Tank which can be adapt as per the requirement easily.

I am creating this in AutoCad Civil 3D, However, no exclusive Civil 3D feature has been used till now.

The following Image shows What and How are the adaptation can be done. Still Working on it to make it a complete model.

Adaptable Water Tank

Main Commands used so far are Array Polar and Parametric Constraints.

Polar Array is used for creating legs, Array is applied as per new coordinate system.

Braces are created using the rectangular array.

Other parts are made to behave correctly using parametric constraints.

Version 1.2 of Adaptable Water Tank using Parametric AutoCAD

Upper tank portion of water tank has been created as shown.

Adaptable Water Tank

Again, mainly parametric constraints. and whole work is done in different layers.

So, Here is the shot of Layer Properties Manager

Adaptable Water Tank

In Paper Space, Creating different views has been starting and so portion completed so far is as shown below.

As you can see, template dimensions and another stuff is yet to add.

Adaptable Water Tank

Command used

“vplayer” for managing layers in in a viewport.

rest are the very common commands usually worked out using GUI like creating a viewport, using the pan, zoom in it to show different views and portions.

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