Adding value in SFDC picklist from mulesoft

Hi Everyone, today I would like to discuss how we add value in SFDC picklist. For this, you must be able to connect to SFDC from mulesoft. If you are unable to do that at the first place then just refer this article HERE.

SFDC Picklist

In my SFDC org, for Case object, I have created one picklist “Test Picklist” which contains only one value for now, i.e. “Rahul” as shown in the image below.

Picklist Value

So, here I want to add one more value “Sheokand”. We can add this value quite easily in SFDC itself. But there can be the case when we want this value to be updated so many times that we want it to be updated dynamically instead. In that case, while integrating we might want to include this thing in our Mule flow.

Config Salesforce connector

In Salesforce connector here we need to select Create metadata” operation and in the type box we need to select “PicklistValue (PicklistValue)” this is shown in the image below.

This will flow metadata to the dataweave connector added before Salesforce connector. There we need to add “fullName” value in the form. “ObjectName.FieldName.ValueToAdd”. This is shown below.

Add picklist value

We can also add other attributes shown in metadata as required.

All done?

So, once this flow is ready with required config and stuff. We can deploy the app and test to execute whether this value is shown in SFDC or not.

It works great for me and will definitely work for you guys. 😛

I do have a proof for that. See the image below.

SFDC picklist from mulesfot

Video be CCE

In the video below I have explained the procedure step by step. or Watch it on YouTube


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