AutoCAD file directly from STAAD Pro V8i

It is often required to create Autocad from staadpro. i.e. creating an Autocad file from staad pro directly. Files can be generated from Staadpro to Autocad directly without any plugin or extra installation. The Following photo shows the plan of building designed using Staad Pro V8i

Staadpro to autocad

This building was analyzed and designed using Staad Pro. Following photos shows various photos of building in STAAD.

AutoCAD files can also be created from Staad Directly. The following photo gives the corresponding information.

Links to download relevant files are.

  1. Staad File                    Click Here
  2. EWS V1-001.dxf          Click Here
  3. EWS V1-002.dxf          Click Here

It is done without any extra plugin or installation. This is just a default feature of staadpro that is not used by people very often.

Last time I checked, this was possible for beams and columns only for Indian codes. If you can use British Codes or American Codes then you can also get AutoCAD file of slabs as well. Indian codes and British codes are somewhat similar so I have seen people using British codes in India. However, This should be practiced only be well-experienced designers only. And always cross check you structural designs.

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