Connecting salesforce from mulesoft

Hello, Everyone. In this article, I will discuss connecting Salesforce from mulesoft. Mulesoft is an amazing ESB tool. Read more about this and its uses for Civil Engineers HERE. It can do some really amazing things in regards to Internet of Things which are mentioned HERE.

Why Connecting Salesforce from mulesoft?

Salesforce is the best know CRM tool which is also the most widely used tool but there are some points where it is not that great. For example, if some enterprise wants to manage it finance in Netsuite or some other cloud based product on Amazon and some documentation stuff on the confluence. These are pretty common situations for an enterprise. Currently, they spend a lot of resources on exposing these services and then utilizing them. Mulesoft can reduce that cost and effort to a great extent. Not only that if we go through Microservice approach which mulesoft recommends we can do wonder even more quickly.

What is required for connecting Salesforce from mulesoft?

In order to establish this the connection between power and ease of mulesoft with Salesforce. All we need is just 3 things.

  1. Username
  2. Password
  3. Security Token

As long as we have got these three tings we good to connect with Salesforce and do whatever mulesoft and Salesforce have to offer. Can you give a guess to what extent we control Salesforce from Mulesoft?

Hint: It also includes adding new fields with opening

How to get Connecting of Salesforce from mulesoft done?

This is as easy as ABC…. I would like to say only one line in This thing.

Enter the all 3 things where ever they fit.

Just give it a try you can’t do it wrong.

There is video down below: and Link is HERE


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