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Hello, Everyone, Do you want me to Create Spreadsheet for you?. Yeah, I would love to do that for sure. Just give it a try.

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I have created many spreadsheets for civil engineering that can be used by students, teachers as well as a designer. If you have used anyone of them ever, you must be knowing that they are quite transparent and easy to use.

Topics covered so far includes columns, beams, slabs, plate girder, gantry girder, footings, mix design and probably a lot more. I can remember now like a day to day maintenance tender creating the spreadsheet. They may be a few more.

I have now decided that I should start making spreadsheets based on advice or request I get. I have planned that I will make spreadsheet you need for free if I think I can use it for myself in any way. or I think it just worth it or I think I should just do it.

However, I will try that every spreadsheet or anything I ever create is available for free right here on this blog.

If you want me to create a spreadsheet, just fill the form below. and If you need something else like a structure design you can contact me (Yes I have designed structure despite my Bachelor degree will complete in July 2016 technically. but I have still designed quite a few structure and very well able to do 2D, 3D modelling and structural engineering aspects)

So fill this form.

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