Hollow Concrete block V/s Brick Masonry

As a part of my assignment during my training, I was analyzing Hollow Concrete blocks and brick masonry. I found some interesting facts which I think are worth sharing. so here is Hollow Concrete block V/s Brick Masonry. I created this Hollow Concrete block V/s Brick Masonry article Corresponding to 2nd class brick masonry of modular size (22.5x10x7.5) cm available hollow concrete block size is (16x8x8) inch and (8x8x8) inch

Hollow Concrete block V/s Brick Masonry

Points in favor of Hollow concrete block

  • Hollow concrete blocks are relatively safer
  • Hollow concrete blocks are more economical about 17% cheap.
    • Hollow concrete is Rs. 3290 per m3 but even second class brick work is Rs. 3875 per m3.
  • Better sound Isolation.
  • Better Thermal isolation.
  • Lower maintenance cost due to efflorescence in brick masonry.
  • Faster in construction.
  • Consumes less mortar.
  • Less Dead Load
    • Grade A = 1.41kN/m3

In favor of Brick Masonry.

  • The compressive strength of brickwork is more.
  • More dead load. (not a good thing though)
    • Dead load for 100mm thick wall 1.91kN/m2 i.e 19.1kN/m3

The data in the above-mentioned document is based on Research works and various data found across the Internet. It is best for the year 2014 but still gives a decent current cost comparison.

This makes me wonder why I will choose brick masonry for a project? anyways Finally bricks are bricks and blocks are blocks! It is up to a creative designer and the homeowner to effectively use the different material to their advantage. The goal is to build walls that breathe and remain for a long while.

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