Indian Government Job Salary Explained

 ₹X – Y% – Z is the standard way in which Indian Government Job Salary are stated. Even for the Civil Engineering Jobs, it is stated in the same way. This means that ₹X is your basic pay and your will get Y% increment in basic pay every year but your maximum basic pay rises up to ₹Y only. Revision of government and your promotions can change these limits. Basic pay is used to calculate all the allowances. Various benefits include DA -Dearness Allowance, HRA-House Rent allowance, EPF-Employees Provident Fund and other allowances. At the time of initial joining salary will correspond to the basic salary of ₹X per month.

DA in Indian Government Job Salary

The Dearness allowance in Indian Government Job Salary for the Central Government Employees is 125%. The Government of India has hiked the Dearness Allowance (DA) for the central government employees by 6% from 119 percent to 125 percent of the of basic salary with effect from January 01, 2016.

so for ₹A basic pay, Dearness allowance given will be ₹(1.25*A) making salary a total of ₹ (2.25*₹A)

HRA in Indian Government Job Salary

House Rent Allowance in Indian Government Job Salary for the Central Government Employees depends on the city you are working in. Employees living in rented apartments are entitled to HRA. Self-employed individuals and those who live in their own houses are not entitled to HRA. If you live in your own house you cannot claim HRA. However, you can claim house rent allowance and exemptions on the home loan interest at the same time If you choose to leave in the rented apartment which happen to be near to the place of work despite having your own house.

HRA depends on the salary. There are some other factors that affect it which could include things like the city in which the employee resides. Metro city resident employees are entitled to an HRA equal to 50% of the salary. For all others cities, the entitlement is 40% of the salary. For the purpose of calculating the HRA, the salary is defined as the sum of the basic salary , dearness-allowances, and any other commissions. If the employee is not receiving a dearness allowance or commissions then the HRA will be 50%/40% of the basic salary.

The actual HRA offered will be the lowest of the following three provisions:

  • The amount received as the HRA from the employer.
  • Actual rent paid less 10% of the basic salary.
  • 50% of the basic salary if staying in a metro city and 40% in a non-metro city.

TA in Indian Government Job Salary

Transport Allowances in Indian Government Job Salary for the Central Government Employees also depends on your job and Job Location as well. If your job includes going on site, You will get the allowance for going to sites also.

Gross salary in Indian Government Job Salary

Gross salary includes basic salary, HRA, DA and MA hence Gross salary = Basic salary + HRA (House rent allowance) + DA (dearness allowance) + MA (medical allowance).



Here is a spreadsheet for calculating the Gross and total salary in Indian Government Job Salary

Approx. salary in Indian Government Job Salary.

PSU Jobs

The public sector units provide their employees with many benefits. The employees in PSUs are well paid and they get residential accommodation.They also get medical and other government entitled benefits. Coal India Limited (CIL) gives it’s employees nearly 10 lakh per year package whereas Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) gives the employees 8-9 lakh per year.

Civil Service Officer

Commonly known as IAS, civil service jobs are prestigious in all aspects. An IAS officer enjoys a good amount of salary, a lot bunch of power and very good reputation in the society. A cadre of IAS officers who are appointed as the Cabinet Secretary draws Rs.90,000 fixed as basic pay which is fixed, means he is not entitled to any increments. Total salary can amount up to ₹2.15 lacs every month.


Scientists are primarily employed under the “SC” and “SD” grades depending on their academic qualifications. Both of them are in the Pay Band 3 INR 15600-39100, while the SC scientists are entitled to Grade Pay of INR 5400, the SD scientists earn INR 6600 as Grade Pay. Their total salary can go on the upper side of ₹55,000/-.


Doctors in India have lucrative career opportunities because medical practitioners are in huge demand. An average salary range for freshers after completion of MBBS degree and internship is INR 10,000 to INR 20,000.However, the salary increases with specialization (post graduation and above) degree, individual skills and work experience. Contractual doctors get a salary ranging from INR 12,000 to INR 30,000, as per their academic qualification and work experience. The Health Ministry of India is also offering a salary hike of 25% (for difficult areas) to 50% (for areas unreachable by road) for those, who are serving in rural sectors.

After finishing a residency in Surgery, the young surgeon becomes a Senior Resident or Registrar. His salary would range from about Rs 35,000/- a month in Mumbai to about Rs 70,000/- a month in Delhi (about US$ 7,000/- to 14000 a year). He then either sub-specializes or goes into practice as a General Surgeon and may expect to earn about Rs 1,00,000/- a month. Subspecialists may make much more than this. The highest earning surgeons in the country reportedly make in the region of Rs 1,50,00,000/- a month.

University Professors

Teachers play an important role in Nation building. They teach and train students. School teachers are paid less. But the case of teachers in their trades in colleges offering professional courses is different. The average salary for a Professor, Postsecondary/Higher Education is Rs 955,627 per year. Although a skill in teaching is associated with the payment for this job. When the experience is gained, this job may give you a huge monthly salary and reputation.

Indian Coast Guard

Indian coast guard or ICG is like our Indian Navy. The salary and other perks are very high. This job is also among one of the highest paying jobs in Sarkari Naukri. Although it is a defense job so the crowd is not that big but two type of people are often seen to fill this form. One who want to serve the nation and are passionate about it. And the other are those who are attracted by the salary package and lifestyle of the Navy Officers.

The pay would include Dearness allowance, Kit Maintenance allowance, and Transport allowance. In addition to this other allowances will be given based on the nature of duty and place of posting such as flying allowance, sea duty allowance and Island special duty allowance.

Defence Jobs

Defense jobs in Indian Army, Navy, and air force are also well paid in government jobs. Thousands of young students all over the country apply for defense jobs. They have to clear exams like NDA or CDS. Salary and other facilities are very good. The CTC for a Lieutenant would be approximately Rs. 65000/- per month. This includes Basic Pay, DA, Grade Pay, Military Service Pay, Tech Pay, House Rent Allowance and Transport Allowance.

At the end of the day, a career in the Armed Forces is well rewarding. There are a number of perks and bonuses available for Armed Forces personnel.

Engineers at Railway

Railway engineers are considered to be paid good compared to other engineering jobs in public sector. Salaries of the government engineers are high with a lot of reputation in the locality. With the salary government engineers are offered a lot more perks like travel allowances to visit the site of work, personal vehicles with driver and much more.

The typical Indian Railways Senior Section Engineer salary is Rs 6,01,866. The salary of Senior Section Engineer at Indian Railways ranges from Rs 4,64,296 to Rs 7,09,342.


Bank PO are one of the most beneficial jobs in the country. The work pressure is very minimum and the salary is well in proportion with the extra benefits. IBPS recruits thousands of graduates every year through different exams but if payment is considered, SBI PO gets more package than any other bank PO. The starting basic pay is Rs.16,900/-(with 4 increments) in the scale of Rs. 14500-600/7-18700-700/2-20100-800/7-25700 applicable to Junior Management Grade Scale I. The official will also be eligible for D.A, H.R.A & C.C.A as per rules in force from time to time. The compensation per annum at Mumbai is around Rs. 8,55,000/-.

Assistant in Ministry of External Affairs

This post is given to those who are selected through SSC-CGL entrance exams. This is the most preferred assistant post under CGL, due to the charm of Foreign Posting and hefty salary package. In foreign posting you’ll get the US $1,800 to $2,900 (Rs 1,17,000 to 1,88,500) as Foreign Allowance depending on the country you are posted in, in addition to your Basic Pay;[Rs.17140] and US $400 to 600 as other allowances such as heating or cold allowance.

Assistant (General) gets foreign posting for a period of 3 years normally in one single instance, while it’s a period of 6 years for Assistant (Cypher) after which either you are back in Delhi or are transferred in another country directly from there. If you love traveling to different countries and culture at the government expense, this post is for you.

Income Tax Inspector

Income tax inspector and all other posts allotted through SSC-CGL are in huge demand among Indian graduates. But the most preferred post is Income Tax Inspector (ITI) because of the reputation of this post. He is posted in the pay band 9,300-34,800 with grade pay of RS 4,600. In addition to his salary, an ITI is entitled to 30 liters of petrol, a BSNL/MTNL sim, 1GB internet usage and many more perks of a government entitled officer.

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