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Hello People lets talk about Internet of Things and Mulesoft (an integration platform). So, here is another article about mulesoft IoT Mulesoft.

As I mentioned in the previous article that I am working on the Mulesoft technology. I have also added how can civil engineering firms and civil engineers use them. In this article, I would like to tell you people some very cool stuff which we can add in the structures. Mostly buildings and houses to make the life simpler healthier and faster.

About IoT Mulesoft

IoT here refers to the Internet of things. Which simply mean connecting some simple things that can be an electric appliance or whatever things that we can connect to the internet anyhow. Connecting something to the internet is not really a big deal. Even the basic appliance like a toaster, a heater can also be added on a networking by simply attaching their wire and configuring functionalities in the microprocessor embedded on the chip that can connect to a network. One of the easiest ways to do that can be Raspberry Pie. Now if we are done with this it means we have opened these devices to accessed from wherever we want however we want and whenever we want even without having to physically do anything.

The mulesoft it is very trending technology and for that, I would like to only say the following.

Retail, Transprtation, healthcare, Artificial Intelligence all uses mule capablities for there process and get more benefits in terms of cost and time. It is the time for civil Engineers as well to start using iPAAS like Mulesoft and extract the benefits.

What to achieve with IoT Mulesoft

With the help of mulesoft, we can interact with any device present on the network. For this, all we need to do is think of a trigger point and build a flow in mulesoft starting based on that trigger point and send the request to the device we want to interact with. Now that device will already have a microchip to do the process based on the request received. Mulesoft is capable of sending the request in very low memory formats like JSON.

Some the things that come to mind and I think can be achieved with Mulesoft are.

Get you coffee ready when you leave your desk in the office.

Suppose you want a coffee every day in office at evening snacks time. You just lock your system go to coffee machine prepare one and consume it. Now instead to that what we can achieve is whenever you locks your system around evening snacks time. A request will be sent to the coffee machine to prepare the coffee and when you reach your machine all you need to do is enjoy your coffee.

Get your house at the temp you like every time you reach home

Home is the place where everyone is supposed to feel comfortable and safe. But when we reach home and unlocks it the first feeling we have apart from the relax of reaching home is the uncomfortable temperature of the house it can hot in summers of cool in winters. Considering we don’t want to keep the AC and Heater running all day long in our absence. We will have to go through this every day.

But instead, we can make our home smarter and enable our phone to send a request automatically to the mulesoft app deployed on Cloudhub to turn on the AC or heater to achieve the desired temperature.

Getting you breakfast ready and water heated for bath when you wake up

Imagine a life in which your toaster will automatically cook for you just a few minutes before you wake up so that you can get your favorite breakfast ready even before you know it.

In the same way, you can get your water heaters keep the water at the temperature you want with even you turning it on.

There can be million of such day to day example which we can enable all we need is to add a chip to the appliance and make the flow then configure them when to run. I would like to add some more one liners to it

  1. Doors and windows getting locked themselves when you leave you place.
  2. Heater and AC can be smart enough to know what to be turned on without you having to interfere.
  3. Sensing your location to turn on and Off the lights.
  4. Get the windows opened right before your alarm.
  5. Getting you food cooked right before you are home.
  6. Texting your family that you have reached.

This can be a very long list. I leave this up to you guys to comment in the section down below. Lets see if what you want to achieve is possible by using IoT Mulesoft or not.

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