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Hello Dosto, I would like to share something about mulesoft champions today.

I have just completed another level of mulesoft certification. I would like to mention that I am really enjoying working on this tech. Mulesoft really has potential to change a lot. And make this world even better place to live in. I have written about mulesoft and its amazing things when clubbed things on the internet HERE. Also about how a civil engineer or civil engineering firm can get benefit from it. That article is HERE. But today I will discuss this journey.

Entry in Mulesoft

Well, I won’t be able to share a lot of details about this right now. But It all started when I got assigned to project in the company I am currently working on. And there are a few developers. When I was being interviewed for taking in the project. I was asked about this website how I created it despite being a civil engineer. Luckily I was allotted to Mulesoft and started my training in Mulesoft right there. After some time I got the hand on work regarding project and mulesoft. Am sorry that I am not sure whether I am allowed on not so, I won’t able to disclose my real work here.

But after the training first certification voucher was given to my was complementary.

Then after that certification, I received an e-mail telling me about Mulesoft champions so I joined it.

How Mulesoft champions helped me

I started doing challenges on Mulesoft champions website and started earning the point there. My motive at that time was reward list. After earning a significant number of points I thought of giving myself a gift. But then I realized I could use this point against getting certification and training vouchers so I worked more over there and got some more points enough to get myself training and another certification voucher.

Today I have completed two levels of certification out of 5. Got a voucher for training course Which I will be using soon.

That’s not it, Champions mulesoft have also helped to increase the extent of my knowledge to a very great extent despite being from a Non-IT background.

My learning from Mulesoft Champions

Today my world Ranking among Mulesoft Champions in under 500. And before starting with mulesoft I didn’t know what an API is, what mulesoft is. What an ESB is. I didn’t know JAVA. Which I still don’t know But I can sure leverage it benefits not only for my job but also for this website. With mulesoft champions,

I have learned to tackle problems I was facing to make my thoughts the reality.

Cool people at Mulesoft Champions

Mulesoft champions in not only about work, learn and gifts. It also helps us to meet new people sharing the common interest. I joined its FB group and in turn a WhatsApp group Where I am discussing the stuff regularly and getting involved in very cool stuff.

Mulesoft Champions is a great place to hang out on Weekends.  😉

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