Use of Paper Space in AutoCAD

A paper space is like an actual paper that would print out. This page should setup to certain size according to what is required. At contains a resized drawing. Whenever we work in model space we don’t print there, we just draw there. It is real drawing on a scale of 1:1 for print out. Whereas model space is 1:1 for the reality. In model space, we draw that exact thing. For ex. If draw a structure 20’ x 20’ but the paper may not me of that size so we scale the drawing so as to fit it on paper.

We can add templates in paper space which shall remain unaffected while we shall be working.

Viewport in Paper Space:

Paper Space

Viewport is a window we see in paper space. As shown above. It shows what is drawn in model space as shown above even multiple Viewports can be created in a single paper space.

Significant points:

  1. We can show different views of the same model at different scale.
  2. When we change scale in model space even the dimension made under annotation also get changed but nothing such happens in paper space i.e. when we scale in paper space dimensions stays preserved.
  3. A template should be added in paper space instead of model space so that it doesn’t mess with our model. I personally prefer to use it as the block which makes it easier to select the template.
  4. Once a template is created it can also be saved as Autocad template that can be used later on with different drawings directly instead of the copy or creating it again & again.

Ex. Note here Dimension in blue circle are same which can be seen when we zoom in a pdf of seeing it on A2 paper. but this is just a snip which makes it unreadable here.Capture1

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