Spreadsheet for Day to Day Maintenance Tender

Tender of Day to day maintenance work is often reissued after every 6 months. So, It can be a burden to create almost same thing again and again. So in order to avoid this headache, I have created this Day to day maintenance spreadsheet containing various DSR-2014 Items and some Market Rate Items. This can handle and create Analysis of Rate, Abstracts, Basic Rates statements and a lot of other useful things like schedule etc.

Version 1.0 of Day to day maintenance spreadsheet

Named as “All Complete V1.0”.

To download this spreadsheet Click Here

First, Sheet “Input” is the only sheet where the user should provide all the Input parameters.

Rest of Working steps and Help Content is available in Input Sheet itself.

The file is kept completely Protection Free for allowing East editing, Addition Deletion, and Alteration.

Number of Analysis of Rates of Items available were less. They were unable to do 90% justification of market rates so I added some more analysis to serve the purpose.

Version 2.0 of Day to day maintenance spreadsheet

Newer version updated as “All Complete V2.0”

To download this spreadsheet Click Here

Version 3.0 of Day to day maintenance spreadsheet

A new Version is also available now after the realization of the-the need of having variable Taxes.

It can change the percentage of service tax and can also add any type of tax you want to add like BWWC etc. necessary changes will be made in analysis, schedule and the whole document by itself. Just Input the same in Input sheet and worry about nothing else.

To download/view “All Complete V3_0” Click HERE

Although full care has been taken by me for accuracy, relevance, and all other stuff but I still don’t bear any responsibility of any kind. This file can be very helpful and may be used by professionals for their work but It was created for  the sole purpose of education and learning.

For any query, help, doubt or discussion of any kind please feel free to contact anyway mentioned below.

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