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]Moment Distribution Method is the most used method for the purpose of analysis of a beam. It can analyze the beam with variable cross-sectional properties. To make the calculations easier I have created this Moment Distribution Method Spreadsheet. There is another spreadsheet “The Beam” which is use MDM for the complete analysis of 10 spans continuous beam. It can even design and draft the beam in AutoCAD just in a few clicks.

Different Section of Moment distribution method spreadsheet

The first sheet of this spreadsheet is named as “Intro” . It contains the information about the author and various ways to contact which might come in handy. Main sheet of the spreadsheet is actually named as “Main” and it is divided into two parts “INPUT” and “MDM”.

“Input” section of Moment Distribution Method Spreadsheet.

Input of Moment Distribution Method Spreadsheet
Input of Moment Distribution Method Spreadsheet

Unit System of Input section

All the units used for inputs shall correspond to mm (millimeter) for length and N (Newton) for Force. First of all length of each span of beam should be entered in mm and blank value or “0” as value will indicate the absence of span. Grade of concrete is in terms of M i.e. M20 for strength of 20 N/mm2 after 28 days.

Using Input Section

Value of E is as per IS 456:2000 automatically or else when modification is required a manual value of E is entered. The next column will show the value of E used in calculations. To use the value calculated as per strength of concrete use “0” or leave the value of E manual blank.

After that cross sectional dimensions of beam are to be entered. Width in mm and then depth in mm then value of “I” moment of inertia will be calculated or “I” can be entered manually in next column. Value of “I” calculated on basis of width and depth used only when manual value is “0” or left blank. These options for manually entering E and I can come in handy while solving theoretical problems which sometimes define value of E and I as 1 or 1.5 or 0.75 or whatever units rather than a realistic value.

Now “End Condition” for the beam will have to be entered It can be entered for Extreme Right or Extreme Left supports only as rest of the support will be considered as Simply supported only. In the “udl” column the value of uniform load across that span in N/mm will have to be entered. User can also enter one point load on each span of the beam in column “Point Load”. If point load is entered, The value of “a” must be entered. “a” is the distance of point load from the nearest left support after that the Value of “b” is distance of point load from right support.

“Moment Distribution Method” Section.

Moment Distribution Method
Moment Distribution Method

Result of Support Moment is shown in last row. These results can be used to analyze the beam.

Protected V1_O of Moment distribution method spreadsheet

This is a spreadsheet that can help with MDM it does the work of calculating the support reactions using a moment distribution table. Most important thing is that it can do the same for a beam of up to 10 spans. However this won’t be enough for a complete work with beam.

Click HERE to download protected V1_O of spreadsheet.


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  • April 27, 2017 at 12:40 pm

    This is truly helpful and I appreciate the fact that you’re willing to share this for everybody. I have a suggestion though, there should be an input for varying load.

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