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I have created a Mix design spreadsheet. There was also another most economical mix design spreadsheet, Which is capable of finding the most economical mix design for achieving a particular strength of concrete. I have also published a research paper using that spreadsheet. This Mix design spreadsheet I am sharing here is more about designing one mix. I have given flexibility like using flyash, admixtures or not.  I will soon add a capability of creating reports into it.

Mix Ratio for the first trail should be calculated using this spreadsheet. However as per Indian standard, it is a must that one does the trails in a laboratory to check if the desired strength has been achieved or not. If it acquired, it is advised to vary water cement ratio and/or cement content to achieve the desired result.

Version 1_0 of Mix design spreadsheet

The Protected version of “Mix Design Lab V1_0” is HERE . This is a very basic initial version of the spreadsheet. Just like any of my other spreadsheets, Give input only in cells with the orange background. In the case of Cell with “or” and “use” option. Use the input area only if you need to override the calculated value. This spreadsheet was made in Libre Office Calc. I am sharing it in .xls format and it also fully compatible with MS Excel.

Version 2_0 of Mix design spreadsheet

I found some issues in this spreadsheet, like checking coarse aggregates compatibility. and I have also added some interesting effects to it with another level of formatting. Now cells with orange background are must while on with lighter background are optional and can be used to override the calculated values.

The protected version of “Mix Design Lab V2_0” is HERE

Version 2_2 of Mix design spreadsheet

I have done following changes in Mix Design Spreadsheet for the mistakes reported.
1. Removed Input area for Density of Flyash has been removed. Since the quantity of flyash is calculated in kg directly so nothing was dependent on it.
2. Effect of using “Yes or “No” for flyash will be reflected properly in “Calculating Cement Content” Portion.
3. Effect of using “Yes or “No” for flyash will be reflected properly in “Calculating material for lab based on the number of cubes” Portion.
4. Keeping admixture as “No’. Now doesn’t reduce the water content in “Calculating water Content Portion”

New Additions

5. “Report” sheet is being added to this spreadsheet, it is not complete yet. So I have kept it unprotected.

The protected version of “Mix Design Lab V2_2” is HERE

Version 3_0 of Mix design spreadsheet

I have completed the version 3_0 of Mix design spreadsheet for labs.

In this spreadsheet, I have added another sheet “Report1”. This sheet can be used to create the report. In the report, the value to two different mix are used differing in their water cement ratio. You can enter the value of W/C for 2nd mix on the write of the cell where you adopt water content and then click on the “Add to Report” button on right and the result of this mix shall also be included in the report.

Note: This version contains a macro for adding report of 2nd mix so When you open this version you will asked to “Enable Content” in a top bar. So, you will have to Enable that so that “Add to Report” button can work.

The protected version of “Mix Design Lab V2_2” is HERE

 And yes, you can also get an unprotected of the spreadsheet. Contact Me for the unprotected version of the spreadsheet.

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