Economic mix design spreadsheet

Most common type of spreadsheet found on the internet is mix design spreadsheet. I have also created a Mix Design Spreadsheet which is also capable of generating reports, including flyash, admixtures as well. This is not just another Mix Design Spreadsheet it is the Economic Mix Design Spreadsheet. I have also published a research paper using this spreadsheet. It can help you to achieve the desired concrete strength at lowest possible price.

Furthermore, I have also written a research paper based on this spreadsheet and it is available in IJCIET journal by IAEME publications Volume 7 issue 3. ISSN Print : 0976 – 6308 and ISSN Online: 0976 – 6316. It is the 19th number so you might have to scroll a bit.

Features of Economic mix design spreadsheet

I created this for learner, teachers as well designers in my mind.

It salient features are

  1.  Step by Step process shown.
  2. Spreadsheet also contains refered IS Codes and clauses
  3. Provide more flexibility in inputs
  4. User can change whatever parameter they want to
  5. Number of concrete blocks required can calculate the volume of concrete.

The Best thing about this spreadsheet is that it can calculate “which constituent or combination of constituent will be most economical for the mix”.

Version 1_0 of Economic mix design spreadsheet

I have named this spreadsheet as the “ECO version” of mix design spreadsheet, as it is for economy comparison or economy effectiveness of mix design based on it various constituents and their combinations. Another version is the “LAB version” of mix design spreadsheet which made for being used by labs in mind it can generate reports, include flyash etc..

Mix Design Eco V1_0 doesn’t actually worth sharing.

Version 2_0 of Economic mix design spreadsheet

I have modified the spreadsheet and added all the required functionalities.

The protected version of “Mix Design Lab V2_0” is HERE .



As usual, contact me for an Unprotected Version. I can probably create a spreadsheet for you. Request me to create your Spreadsheet for free.

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