The Beam

This is the one stop solution for any beam. so here is The Beam – The spreadsheet that can analyze, design and also draft a 10 span continuous beam.

The Beam

The beam is quite a big spreadsheet on which I had to work quite hard. It has following capabilities.

  1. To analyze, design and draft in Auto Cad a continuous Beam of up to 10 spans
  2. It is created transparently and I have tried to explain each and every step so that it can be used by learners in very efficient manner.
  3. Any of the three things or two out of three things (analysis, design, and drafting) can be done ass per user requirement.
  4. It can act as tutorial of any of the following things
    • Moment distribution method
    • Continuous Beam analysis.
    • Beam design as per IS 456:2000
    • Drafting a Beam in AutoCAD
    • LibreOffice Calc, MS Excel.
    • VBA and Macros.

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Note: Don’t forget to enable Macros and VBA etc. for proper functioning.

Any suggestion is welcome as usual. If some one needs an all access copy [Showing all formulas and other things], feel free to contact me.

Version 1.0 of The Beam

Link to THE BEAM is HERE

Some days back I found a few error with design procedure which has been rectified and here is the Link to THE BEAM V5.0 CLICK HERE

Request me to create your Spreadsheet for free HERE

very Special Thanks to

Mr. Christos Samaras

Mechanical Engineer (M.Sc., Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering.)
Faculty of Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki – Greece.

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